Managing Partner

Anand Srivastava

Investment Objective

Aptos Capital is a long only equity investment fund. We seek to achieve better returns than investing in an index fund over time through investments in a concentrated portfolio of businesses with durable competitive advantages and a long “runway” for growth.

Investment Strategy – “Compounding Machines”

Our foremost investment objective is to protect investors’ assets. Our investment philosophy is focused on owning pieces of high grade businesses for very long term. To achieve this, we seek to identify and invest in businesses that we expect to remain viable and grow consistently over time—in other words businesses that are “compounding machines.” To identify such businesses, we rely more on qualitative than on quantitative investment analysis.

Specifically, our focused goal is to invest in businesses using a simple four point filtering process that is rooted in the principles of value investing, learned from other long term value investors:

  • Consistently profitable businesses that produce high returns on capital with modest leverage
  • Management that is both honest and talented
  • Businesses that have sizable reinvestment opportunities and/or capital discipline
  • A fair price